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Ludum Dare 47 Page


The game needs audio for you to be able to win the game, please play with Headphones and high volume

You got a message from a girl asking you for a date!
But after you answer the massage with a "Yes" and after she's trying to type for you slip the phone into an endless hole with a lot and a lot of stairs, Find a way to end the staircase before it ends your sanity

WASD - Move
thats it ._.

:THE WAY TO WIN THE GAME: If you're reading this then you must have got stuck in the game without an ending for it if that's the case Liston to this "There is an audio will be play every time you loop 360 degrees, and it will tell you which direction you need to go to after listening to it either (Up or Down)"

If you really just want to get to the end for any reason without going through the whole game do this "Press (CTRL/Control) and spam the key (Insert) at leas 10 times then go down in the staircase and then you will just find the ending"

Updated 21 days ago
Published 26 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorMuktada Creations
GenrePuzzle, Adventure
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Funny, godot, Horror, Ludum Dare 47, Psychological Horror, Short


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Infinite Stairs Window.zip 43 MB
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Ending Music 706 kB


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Confused sound

How do I set the resolution? I can't go full-screen.

in settings set it to fullscreen then when pressing the back button it will apply after that.


Pretty funny! love the sound effects! i was more worries about my surroundings than what was on the phone XD

I paused the game and could move my character couldn't see another place though

The audio mechanics are a bit weird, but with careful listening it can be followed. Also that heartbreaking ending...

It's the 3rd game I played in this video.

Top of infinite stairs surrounded by walls is my usual hangout for texting too!

Woah first time this happened to me, But for your comment for why the game is too short well because its a 3 days game jam and I had to do everything myself alone and I am pretty slow XD, but thanks for playing and sharing